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Hello sewing world! Well this post is a little different as I am after your help. I am seeking Guest bloggers for an upcoming feature on the blog. Now there are lots of sewing bloggers out there but I thought this might be a nice way to get to know some of you who don’t blog or are new to the sewing community. Don’t worry if you are an avid blogger I would still like you to take part.

The theme

We all show off our fabulous creations and love to share what we have made but how often do we showcase whats hidden inside? So the theme is Insides-Out.


I want you to share all the little details of the insides of your makes, the linings, piping, labels, pockets and all the other little embellishments that go on inside our makes. Many of us sew from patterns but they don’t often talk about how to finish off the insides. I love taking the time to get that special finish on the inside of everything I make, from additional pockets to Hong Kong seams.

It would be really good for others to share what they do and to inspire others. So what do I want from you? Well a simple blog post with a few photos showing your Insides-Out. You can write about one or several makes and it can be as short or long as you like. Talk about the make, what you did and how you did it, that sort of thing.

How do I guest blog?

It is easy. Sign up for a WordPress account (if you don’t already have one) and let me know you want to be a guest blogger. So what are you waiting for? Comment below and drop me a message and I’ll email you back with all the details. I will schedule posts throughout the next month and publicise them on social media as we go.

So come on guys lets share our ‘Insides-Out’


17 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers wanted – Insides Out feature”

  1. I would be happy to contribute too – I spend more and more of my time getting the inside better. Currently doing a DJ shirt with all the frills! It’s also about time I did another post on my blog. Cheers, Adam.

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