Insides Out From A (relative) Newbie

It’s so exciting to be writing a post for Jamie’s blog Male Devon Sewing! I’ve known Jamie for a while – he’s a family friend and made my sister-in-law’s wedding dress. THE dress that was mentioned in his ‘where are they now’ at the end of his series of Great British Sewing Bee. Now that’s what I call a claim to sewing fame.

Wedding 1

Wedding 2
Oh, and he took the photos too!

Writing about Insides Out is a bit weird for me because I am always one of those people who when complimented on their makes says ‘oh but you should see the inside!’ But over the past year I’ve started to worry about the inside of my makes. When you’re learning to sew you focus on whether the outside is presentable and wearable. I’m a relative newbie – I’ll hit my 3 year #sewaversary this autumn, so I’m very much still learning. I’m quite an ambitious sewist as sewing is all about style for me, so I frequently challenge myself with makes far beyond my skill level. My first project was a tailored pencil skirt 🙈 As I progress with my sewing, I’m focusing more of accuracy – and making the inside of my makes as beautiful as the outside. So I thought for this post I would write about my adventures so far in upping my skill level. The aim is to stop saying using the inside of my garments as a very British way to respond to a compliment!

I recently acquired one of the infamous Lidl overlockers, so that’s helping (as are Jamie’s replies to my frantic messages when I get stuck with thread tension!!). Before my overlocker I used to use the overedge foot on my sewing machine or pinking shears. Neither were quite as good – and after a couple of months my overlocker isn’t so scary anymore. I recently made a Tilly and the Buttons Coco where I got all the seams overlocker in the right order. It looks very neat inside, which is very satisfying!

Although I love my overlocker, I also I want to challenge myself to learn different seam finishes. In my first adventure with crepe last year I tried French seams. It actually went pretty well – apart from some serious bulk misshaping the underarm seams! It’s not perfect by far, but a pretty solid first attempt. Next I want to try Hong Kong seams – I just need to find the right project to try them!


To finish the theme of Insides Out, I’m also a big fan of a statement lining. This will be no surprise if you look at my blog as I love a bold colour or print! I started with a version of New Look 6447 – I just love the combination of blue and yellow . I recently made two Sew Over It Chic Capes with statement linings and I’m thinking about following Red W Sews lead and using scraps to make pretty, statement facings. [link]


What skills and techniques do you think I should try next? Have you got any good tutorials? Then please send them my way. Help a (relative) newbie out!

Want to read more about my sewing adventures? Check out my blog!

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