Want to Learn Tailoring skills? – For Free?

Hello my amazing sewists/sewcialists/seamsters…The weather has been good lately, the great British Sewing Bee is coming back and I have been busy tailoring, so what could be better? Well………

How about spending a day with me, in my studio, learning Tailoring skills? I am offering one lucky person the chance to join me and learn the skills. Why? Well read on……

Many of us who take to sewing tend to steer away from tailoring: Its seen as complicated, confusing and there are too many hidden (I’m a Tailor, you’re not) secrets. Well that is all about to change. I want to share the tips and secrets of tailoring to you all. I want to open up my studio to those interested but……….


I need a volunteer; a Guinea pig I suppose:  Someone who wants to learn some of the secretive skills of tailoring in return for their honest opinion of the day and what I have to offer. I am hoping to run more and more of these sessions in the future for more people to enjoy so would first like some honest feedback.

The day will include:

  • Hand sewing skills
  • Pattern cutting techniques 
  • Cloth marking/cutting
  • Ironworking (shaping with steam)
  • Canvassing
  • Hand worked buttonholes
  • Collar construction
  • Finishing techniques.
  • (Tea/Coffee/Cake/a lot of fun and a light lunch)

You will leave the day with your notes (plus some handouts from me) and samples of your work.

So what’s the catch, I hear you scream!

There is NO catch: We will agree a date to suit us both but you will have to provide your own transport to Exeter.

You need to be comfortable with sewing but don’t worry if you are less comfortable with tailoring. I want to teach people to tailor!  Bring your camera and a note book a I will provide the rest. (Although if you are left-handed please bring your scissors!)

In return all I ask is you share your experience with your friends/social media and give me honest feedback.

Fancy it? Well leave a comment below saying “YES PLEASE” and I will pick one of you at random to join me.


I will draw a name on Saturday 21st July at 7pm. I will share the result on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


If it might not be for you but you know someone who might be interested, then pease share, post, retweet etc. and let them know!


Good luck and I can’t wait to see you soon.


Until next time….Happy Sewing


141 thoughts on “Want to Learn Tailoring skills? – For Free?”

  1. Yes please! Nothing ever good seems to happen like this down South and I live in Torquay so I just down the road. I didn’t know you were in Exeter, this is very exciting. Please pick me!

  2. Someone out there will certainly have an interesting and productive day. I live on the other side of an ocean, so it won’t be me. Oh well …. Have fun!

  3. Yes please! I’d love to learn more about tailoring, and in particular the clean sleek finishing techniques that you use. I’m based down in Cornwall, but it would give me a chance at a child free day!

  4. Sounds like a good day, but not sure I’m up to a whole day. I only live half an hour away from Exeter so maybe another time or maybe a half day.

  5. YES PLEASE. Learning tailoring is actually the reason I started sewing as I really want a proper tailored jacket and they never fit in the shops. I’m in Bristol so Exeter is an easy hop down 🙂

  6. Yes please🤞 I would absolutely love to spend the day learning new skills from you. Tailoring is a real art that I would find fascinating to discover.

  7. Yes Please, I fancy having a go at making my husband a nice smart suit for work, I make lots of stuff for myself but nothing for him.

  8. Definitely yes! Will have to think abour getting myself there for a day but that’s a thought for another day!

  9. YES PLEASE I would absolutely love to do this. I have been learning pattern drafting for a while and would love to learn tailoring 😊

  10. Yes please, even though I live in Lincolnshire, if chosen I would get there!! My grandfather and his ancestors,going back to 1726, were all master tailors! Sadly I didn’t know him and although I do a lot of sewing have only touched on tailoring.

  11. Yes please in Devon so not too far away from you !!
    would appreciate someone to start me on a tailoring journey !!

  12. Yes please! I’m currently home alone with a new baby and would love some time to pursue something just for me!

  13. Yes please! How wonderful to have the chance to learn new skills to further and enhance our sewing. It is so lovely to see such generosity and willingness to share skills and knowledge – Thankyou for the opportunity

  14. Hello I’m thinking that you already have some amazing “volunteers” to practice , I would love to come & attend a course with you ( from London ) could you contact me when you are ready to launch ?

  15. Yes, please.

    Although I would probably have to opt for one of the following-up sessions. I can’t get to the UK within the next three months at least.

  16. Yes please. I’m a keen sewist, sewng bee addict and would love the opportunity to learn some tailoring techniques and then tell everyone about the experience xxx

  17. Yes please. What a fab opportunity. Tailoring is a big gap in my skills. Best of luck to the winner you pick.

  18. Yes please!!! I have been wanting to learn more about tailoring since I graduated costume for screen and stage over 10 years ago. I have made many costumes, and attempted tailoring from old books with minimal information but never with much success, I would love to learn how it’s done properly. It does seem to be a big secret, even YouTube doesn’t give much away!
    More than happy to travel from Bournemouth 🙂

  19. YES PLEEEASE! I have been looking at tailoring classes lately after briefly touching on it 10 years ago at uni – i’m finally ready to have a go again!! I’d love to come and spend a day learning some new techniques!

  20. Yes please!
    Would love to win this, the experience would be amazing. As would learning to give my hand sewn garments a professional finish.

  21. Yes please. I completed a costume degree and taught myself tailoring from a book .. I’d love the chance to see it done properly.

  22. As a learner sewer I would love this opportunity. I am a larger size and am currently looking at ways of up cycling garments/fabrics to wear.

    Get Better at It

    Love to have to opportunity to do this. I have in the past taken up suit sleeves and moved buttonholes but would love to be able to make tailored outfits to a professional finish.

  24. My mum did her apprenticeship and then worked with Cann brothers in Exeter, I would love this opportunity and the nostagia would be amazing …

  25. I’d adore to do this!, but as we’re both based near Exeter, would you have a 2for1 offer?! I know it’s cheeky, but we’re both disabled, different ages, different skill sets and different attitudes to social media! We’d be so much more than one! In any case, would love to do this type of course when you’re up and running

  26. Yes please. A rare opportunity – if not picked would still be interested in a day with you. Good luck with your venture.

  27. yes please.
    It’s more or less impossible to find any training in male tailoring outside of London and the major fashion colleges — plenty of workshops, courses and help for Dressmaking but next to nothing for the man who wants to learn to make clothing.
    I have had to resort to training myself for the past year through watching Youtube and reading. The chance to learn from you would be, simply, great! 🙂

  28. Absolutely! I have sewn for many years, made a goal to make a blazer, but the inside tailoring stuff scare me. I would love to learn from you.

  29. Yes please. I’ve been disappointed with the sewing courses I’ve been on so far, to be part of a ‘guinea pig’ process would be fabulous.

  30. It’s a big fat yes please from me. My grandpa was a tailor, it’s in my DNA somewhere. It just needs teasing out. Would love this opportunity and chance to give feedback.

  31. Yes please. Would love to learn couture tailoring skills. My ambition is to make myself an evening suit.

  32. Yes please. My uncle who passed last yr was a tailor, so would love to learn some of the techniques he would of used. 😊

  33. Oh my! YES PLEASE! I’m just starting my journey into tailoring & would love this… Good luck everyone, fingers crossed I get picked but what an amazing opportunity for the winner – can’t wait to read all about it!

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