Janome – UK 50th Anniversary

On the 1st of October 2018, Janome Sewing Machine Co. turns 50! Well, here in the UK. Janome are world leaders when it comes to making excellent quality sewing machines and if you sew, you will have heard of them? Of course Janome have existed for a lot longer than 50 years! To celebrate they have a great range of specials. Have a look here.

A short Janome history lesson.

In 1921 the Pine Sewing machine factory was established by the Japanese entrepreneur Yosaku Ose. In 1935 the official trademark “Janome” (Ja-No-Mey) was established: Meaning ‘the Snake’s eye’ in Japanese, the name came from the more advanced, round style bobbins that were being used rather than the older shuttle style bobbins.

In 1960 they purchased the long established American ‘New Home’ brand and began trading here in the UK in 1968, using the name New Home, finally changing the branding completely to Janome by the 1990’s. They have always been innovators and established a specific research facility back in 1964!

They were the first to offer a domestic computerised machine: The Memory 7 in 1979.

Then in 1990 they produced the Memory Craft 8000. The first professional style embroidery machine, again for the domestic market.

And the Memory Craft 6500P in 2003. The first long-arm quilting machine.

Of course they continue to innovate and provide amazing machines with a large range to suit every sewer and budget.

Why am I promoting Janome?

Well I’m not really. Firstly, I was not asked to write this post and am not receiving any payment. I was asked, if I would like to share the information about the 50th anniversary on social media but I felt a decent post would be better. I have had a longstanding relationship with Janome and their machines over the years. In fact when I was on the Great British Sewing Bee we were using Janome machines. Although I started sewing on my Grans hand crank Singer, over the years I have used many different sewing machines by many different brands: The one brand that has always been my favourite is Janome.

Why? Well there are many reasons but the most important to me is the ability to perform without fuss. I have always found their machines to do exactly what they are designed for without being overly complicated and confusing to use. The controls are always placed in the right position (certainly for me) to make using them easy.


A sewing machine is nothing more than a tool and I have seen so many people give up sewing because of frustrations with their machine: Being ‘too complicated’ and ‘doing weird things’ are the most common concerns. I have never had a Janome machine do ‘weird’ things (unless I have tried to do something stupid with it!) I recently asked on social media what they love about their Janome machines and here are some of the replies:

“I love that they’re quiet, inexpensive to service, very very reliable, user friendly and have a ton of accessories”
“The amount of features and stitches.”
“A perfect workhorse and feels like it enjoys sewing!”
“I love the decorative stitches”
“The automatic thread cutter and stop/start button”
“Beautiful even stitches and never a tension issue”
“Marvellous, a joy to use”

So Janome owners seem to like them but of course many people use different brands and being ‘brand loyal’ is human nature. My father would only ever buy Vauxhall cars (god knows why as some of them were horrendous!) but he stuck loyal to the brand. The same is true with sewing machines. I still have some vintage Singers that I use but I must say I am Janome through and through.

This post is not trying to convince you to throw your current machine away and run out to buy a Janome but I would certainly recommend having a look at their machines on offer. If you get the chance, have a go on one and you might see what I mean.

So I would like to be the first to wish Janome a happy 50th anniversary!


Until next time…..Happy Sewing!

5 thoughts on “Janome – UK 50th Anniversary”

  1. Congratulations on acquiring a new friend! I have never tried a Janome, but have read many favorable comments. And I am sure that the vintage sewing machine community will be entranced by the beautiful New Home. Happy sewing!

  2. I have been a fan of those vintage full metal sewing machines that were built in the “good old times” ever since I started sewing several years ago. And yes, I’ve got a lot of them. I think I’m a hoarder… ummm… collector. I would never give up my Singer 201 and 401 or my Pfaff 230 Automatic.


    I’ve been in the market for a modern sewing machine and everybody told me to buy a Bernina which was said to be the best sewing machine brand. I had a look at their prices and the only machine that would have been affordable for me was an entry level Bernina from the 300 series.

    I thought, I’d have to save money for two more years, to buy a bigger Bernina which would be suitable for free motion quilting also.

    Then I met a guy who used to work for Bernina and guess what he suggested! He said, “Have a look at the Janome Machines, especially the Mc8900 QCP. You really know how to do free motion quilting and you don’t need the Bernina stitch regulator for free motion quilting. Why don’t you buy the Janome? You’ll have all the features of a Bernina 500 series machine minus the stitch regulator but plus the throat space of a Bernina 700 series for your quilting at a Bernina 300 series price. Janome machines are at least the same quality built as Berninas are. Maybe even more.”

    I got the possibility to purchase a Janome 8900 floor model and was given the possibility to test it for 60 days with a money back option if I didn’t like it.

    Well, I kept the Janome 8900 and after almost one year I’m still so excited and thrilled by this machine. It’s absolutely the machine I needed and never knew I could dream of. It’s smooth, easy to handle, has everything I need. It’s strong enough to sew denim and a bit of leather (bag handles) and it’s fabulous for free motion quilting.

    Janome makes absolutely fantastic sewing machines. Absolutely no regrets here for not buying a Bernina. I’m grateful that this former Bernina employee gave me that advice.

    I apologize for the mistakes you might find in my comment. I am from Germany and English is not my native language.

  3. I had a New Home for 30 some years and never had a problem with it. Loved it. Now I have 2 Janomes and a vintage New Home. I love them all. Quality machines and longevity. Who could ask for more. My first New Home was all metal and weighed a ton. I now have another metal machine they call heavy duty. The second one I got because of the stitches and features. The third, I just wanted a vintage one like my original. I need a bigger sewing room.

  4. Hi ! I have a Janome 6600 for many years, I making some quilts, lots of quilts, I am doing this for victoria Quilts Canada,,,{ bénévolement } and now my janome is too much used,
    I am loocking to buy another one, I don’t know wich 0ne between the 6700 Janome or the M7 Continental…. of Janome also… What could you tell me , for the price wich one is better? I am a lady of 75 years old, and think would be the last one for me…. and I realy love doing quilts…Last years I made more than 50 quilts all complete.. It is a real fun, working with that machine …2 years ago, I bought a “” Brother”” V. Q 3000,…dreamweaver… and I DO NOT LIKE THAT MACHINE…. after so many years with Janome, it was a big mystake, I think I was impress for the workspace and the Lazer thing.. but it is a NO NO…Thats why I would like to know your opinion, between these two machines… Thank You for your time and answer me by E-Mail. It would be appreciated…
    Thank you so much…… Therese Ont. Canada

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