Crafting for Charity

Its always nice to make things for yourself and often nicer to make things for others. Making for charity is even better, knowing your efforts will go towards helping others. So when the opportunity came up to make something for the David Adams Leukaemia Appeal Fund, I just couldn’t resist.

This Friday they will be holding a Celebrity Teddy Bears Afternoon Tea at the BAFTAs in London! The Teddy bears are, of course, a little bit special: Bespoke, hand crafted and supported by international celebrities. Some 30+ celebrity Teddys will be auctioned and I made one!

My celebrity was to be Ben Hardy, who played Peter Beale in the BBC soap opera, Eastenders.

Photo: BBC

Well that will be nice and easy. Give the Teddy some hair, a T-Shirt and pair of jeans……But of course things are never that simple.

It turns out Ben Hardy has moved from ‘soap’ star, to Hollywood ‘movie’ star. He appeared in the 2016 X Men Apocalypse movie and Mandie (the founder of the charity) suggested I make his X Men costume. So of course I agreed.

Whatever happened to Superheroes?

I never really got into comics and superheroes growing up. Batman was on TV at the weekend but it never really appealed but one thing I do remember is that Superheroes love Lycra and capes. Their ‘Super’ outfits were always tight fitting ‘leotard’ type things, so that would be an easy make for a Teddy bear…….Well I looked up Ben’s X Men character (Archangel) and it seems that Superheroes have evolved……A LOT!

(c) MTV


Yep this will be an easy make!

Still I love a challenge and made a start: Wings and armour won’t put me off! First the hair: Double strands of suitably coloured wool stitched in place, combed out and cut into the hairstyle. Thank god for curved upholstery needles!┬áThere is a tattoo on his face and this was hand embroidered in position.

Next came the ‘leotard’ which was made, with a zip in the back to allow for dressing. Here it is with 1 arm finished.

The armour was made with Fimo modelling clay and attached to the black suit. I painted additional panels to complete the look.

The chest armour (again Fimo) and a pair of leather boots and gloves made. I also began on the wings.

The wings were made by sandwiching fusible buckram between silver/grey cotton. I then embroidered the ‘feathers’ (actually knives) using my new Janome 6700P machine and cut to shape.

Finally some ‘Under-feathers’ added at the back using foam to complete the look.

So he is now getting ready for his BAFTA appearance next Friday along with a load more celebrities. Have a look at the other amazing makes here. It was great fun and certainly a little bit different for me!

If you can’t make the event why not put in a bid and get your hands on an exclusive, one-of-a-kind Teddy and help raise some money to save lives.

Have you ever made anything for charity?

Until next time…..Happy Sewing!


2 thoughts on “Crafting for Charity”

  1. Wow, & superwow! Your superhero teddy is just amazing Jamie. Such a great cause too, well done, you’re an inspiration to us novice sewists.

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