Finally…Menswear sewing is getting noticed!

Firstly Happy New Year to you all! Yes I know my posting has been slow of late but Christmas and New Year is always a busy time. I had planned to post about my makes from 2018 and end of year review, my plans for 2019 and a few other things but I didn’t. Sorry about that!

Now back in October I posed the question about how Sewing Magazines have become a bit boring and need to change. It provoked a big response from you. In fact I realised how many of you agreed with me. I spoke about a magazine I used to write for and how, after a change of direction, I stopped writing for them: Well last month was their last as they no longer publish the magazine. (perhaps the change wasn’t such a good idea?)

Anyway fast forward to today and we have a new contender hot off the press: Bartack Menswear Sewing Magazine has hit the shelves today…Well not the shelves but hit the Internet.


An online magazine dedicated to sewing menswear. OK that got my attention but is it any good? Well first impressions are favourable.

You have to sign up for an account to read the magazine and there are a few different membership levels. The lowest ‘Bronze Thimble’ is free and lets you read the magazine but has adverts placed throughout. (I didn’t notice many adverts but perhaps they will come over time?) The next level (Silver Thimble) costs you either £2 per month or £20 per year and removes the adverts. This level also adds extra features like free digital download of each issue and additional ‘member benefits’. These seem to include discounts from suppliers etc.

There is also a Gold level that adds more.

One great feature is a Pattern finder. (Menswear of course) You can search by designer….



Or by garment type. This is a really good idea!


So a sewing magazine with a difference? Lets hope so. The whole thing feels more like a community, rather than a profit making venture, which is nice. In fact they say that at the end of every year they will donate money to charity! (I think picked by the Gold members?)


This first issue has pattern reviews, interviews, sewing techniques and other features that are really good. I even spotted my friend Di who has written an excellent masterclass. There are downloads to accompany some of the articles and a few discount codes for saving money!


Well lets see what happens but it is nice to see something different.

It seems my thought,s back in October, have been listened to? Now why didn’t I think of this…….


Until next time…….Happy Sewing!


3 thoughts on “Finally…Menswear sewing is getting noticed!”

  1. It’s good news. There should be more periodicals with articles on sewing menswear. No matter the gender of the person doing the sewing. Do keep us posted on how well you like it.

  2. Promising, the pattern finder is nice. The free membership is also nice, not sure I would pay for it considering the content on the site is minimal, ie compared to threads magazine. It is nice to finally have something that is focused on menswear. There needs to be a section on the site that focuses on, what is hot, trends, current runway menswear and a connection of recreating runway looks to sew at home. My biggest complaint with “home sewing” is that it is generally, fashionless for men. T’shirts, jeans hoodies, boring suits, nothing that inspires or is hip/cool and has a wow factor. Greatly missing in menswear sewing.

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