New PDF Pattern – The Clovelly Cap

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So 2019 has arrived (far too quickly) and I have been putting things off for far too long: I have been working on producing various sewing patterns for the last year or so but 2019 is the year I finally pull my finger out and get things sorted!

Today I can finally announce pattern number 1 “From the studio” has been released. The ‘Clovelly’ Cap. A classic ‘Baseball’ cap but with a contemporary feel. Made in Tweed, Wool or Denim with a contrasting upper brim of Leather (or similar) it looks great (even if I say so myself)!

Clovelly Cap

The PDF pattern comprises 10, illustrated instruction pages and either one A3 or three A4 pattern sheets (so no sticking together!). The pattern is for an adult but I am working on a children’s version too. It is a ‘One size’ adjustable cap that can be sewn using basic sewing equipment. Although it is a ‘One-Size’ pattern there are 3 different size ranges. S, M and Large that accommodate a cap size of 57-67cm.

The pattern is available now in my SHOP for immediate download so why not try something new?

Oh and if you are wondering about the name….All of my patterns will be named after towns/villages from Devon. After ¬†Clovelly (and its junior) you will see the ‘Spreyton’ Shirt.


Until next time…..Happy Sewing

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