AWOL? No too busy to Blog plus other things…

So it has been 7 months since my last post!!! Yes, for 7 months I have been AWOL and I can only apologise. As you know this blog was started, really for my own benefit: I never expected it to get so much attention. Well it did and I have been really enjoying it but sometimes life gets in the way. So why have I not blogged since February? Well it falls into 4 main categories.

AWOL 1: Time.

2019 has been a busy year for me. Lots of commissions and plenty of sewing, which is good. The problem has been fitting in blogging about stuff, whilst sewing it! Once I get going on a project, I get stuck in (I promise myself I will blog about it) then the next project appears. Unless you are a Blogger you won’t understand how much time it takes. OK anyone can write a blog but to write a successful blog takes time. A blog that takes 10 minutes to read may have taken 3-4hrs to prepare and write. This blog went from a few views, to tens of thousands every month (so reasonably successful I think).

There are people for whom blogging is their career and good on them but they work full-time at it; working on their content, photos, research and promotion. My blog went from “Hey look what I made”, to tutorials, reviews, guides and general sewing chat: It is time I focused my narrative…..

AWOL2: Social Media.


This year (2019) Social Media has really kept me away from blogging…I always used SM to promote my blog, share photos and spread sewing to anyone who followed me. It seems that SM is far from social anymore: For example, posting a link my blog post where I review a piece of sewing equipment, now has to be marked as an Advert or you might fall foul of the system! (Well I guess SM companies have to make more money somewhere?!).

Facebook has become nothing more than a ‘moan about everyone’ system. I used to love being a part of so many sewing groups on Facebook but it is no longer a pleasure. This year saw the return of the Great British Sewing Bee on our UK televisions: How Facebook groups have changed since I was on the show in 2016! Constant negativity, nasty comments and contestant ridicule. Oh, then there are the ridiculous group rules..I won’t go into detail but needless to say I have left many groups this year! Anti-Social Media it has become. I still use Instagram but only rarely as their algorithms have become more targeted.


AWOL3: Other Projects.

I have been working on my own range of sewing patterns this year and produced the Clovelly cap pattern, Woodacott waistcoat, ย Meldon Flat Cap and the Torrington Tie Pack. I am working hard on others too. Watch this space! I also became a guest designer for the Sewing Quarter on UK television, releasing the Meldon, Woodacott and Torrington Tie patterns with them. If you have not seen Sewing Quarter here are my last 3 appearances.

AWOL4: Family.

As I have said earlier, time has been a factor in my lack of blogging. My family have taken up more time this year than ever before and I am so glad they have! Our eldest son started Primary school this year which was a lovely exciting journey. Our other son started 2 days of Pre-school, again another exciting journey and back in June we received another bundle of joy…Our first daughter.



So yes I have been busy but I thought I would keep you all in the know. So what is next for Maledevonsewing?

Well SM has probably seen the back of me for a while. I will continue making sewing patterns and design new things. The blog will head back to what I know best and teach. The posts will be informative, sewing related, techniques and skills rather than compliant thoughts. Above all, family comes first!

If you have anything you want me to demonstrate/blog then do let me know.


Until next time…Happy Sewing

13 thoughts on “AWOL? No too busy to Blog plus other things…”

  1. Glad to see you back! Congrats on new baby!
    Agree with your comments about anti social media. Such a pity there is so much criticism and negativity
    Looking forward to your next post. Thanks. Gill McB @SewwithGill

  2. I try to find time to sew but, like you, I find it difficult to then find the hours needed to successfully blog! I’m not a great photographer, so am put off even taking pictures, and then there are just not enough hours to write (and rewrite!) a decent post!
    I am ‘sew happy’ you found the time to give us all this update as I just love that gorgeous photo of your adorable family xxx

  3. Hi Jamie, I completely relate to everything above – although I don’t have the family (lovely btw) or the same commitments, I am finding time an issue, I have a Blog that I haven’t touched in months…… ๐Ÿ™ – I am also finding the same problems with social media – there is one lovely group that is very supportive, but the ‘main’ group is becoming very…… for want of a better word, regimented, it’s not the same friendly place it once was and is ‘policed’ very rigidly. I’ve very excited to hear about your pattern drafting – looking forward to seeing them! Very best of luck with all your endeavours and congrats on the new addition! x

  4. Congratulations Jamie, on everything that has come your way this year ๐Ÿ˜ Donโ€™t worry about SM and blog whenever you can fit it in. Best of luck in all your endeavours ๐Ÿ˜

  5. Nice to see a post from you, you definitely have a busy life. I remember when I started following you, you were just newly married, no kids, and made waist coats for your wedding party. How things have changed. I printed off your shirt making tutorial and going to follow along to make my first shirt in a very long time. I chose some nice quilting cotton in a purple paisley. It is so hard to get good fabric where I live. All the fabric stores cater to quilters and most of the fabric stores carry a sea of polyester. I found an etsy shop from india from which i can order nice silk for lining jackets, coats and pants.

  6. Any advice on thread weight and type for buttonholes handsewn on lighter materials say the placket of a shirt or a skirt , in linen or cotton of lighter weights , I tried coton a broder 30 and it looks as if the thread is over powering the fabric if I go the opposite direction it looks thin and takes a ton of stitches , just wondering if you had input

  7. Hi Jamie!
    Found you today on YouTube. I have pulled out my server – unhappily in it’s box for a good few years. I wasn’t very knowledgeable about it before, but what I did know has left me, like the reason I entered this room! I was disappointed and sad to see you stopped making videos. I understand why, but wondered if, along with your blogging, you intended to make some more sewing videos. Good luck with your patterns, and congratulation on your cute family. Julie

  8. Hi Jamie, stumbled on your blog via a comment you’d made on ‘so sew easy’ and followed it. I remember you being on the sewing bee, I’m looking forward to the 2020 series and hope the ethos and culture wont change. I’ve bought your e-book about sewing a shirt in 20 steps and look forward to reading that. I so wish I could make it down to Devon for your classes. It’s really hard to find classes that don’t start with ‘this is a sewing machine . . . .’ I’ve been sewing for about 20 years and am totally self taught, actually wife/youtube taught. I’m constantly astonished at how generous folk are sharing skills, tips and tricks. I’m passionate about sewing and try and get into my sewing room as often as I can. Disability is a huge obstacle, but non-the-less I enjoy what I’m able to do. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to do your blog. I totally agree ‘family comes first’, so whatever you’re able to achieve will be gratefully received. Looks like you’ve a lovely family, sadly time passes so quickly, and they’re gone! Enjoy every moment while you can. I’d go back to the beginning tomorrow! Try not to allow the negative stuff to get to you. Yes there’s a lot of people who like to have a go, but I think there’s lots and lots of people who enjoy the company of others via various blogs and youtube. Take care, you’ve a follower in Mold, North Wales. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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