How to Find More Time to Sew

The greatest foe of any sewing enthusiast is without a doubt, time. You can’t allow yourself to neglect certain important responsibilities, so you end up having no other choice but to skip out on a sewing session or two. And that’s just not right. Sewing benefits your overall health and provides you with a fun way to blow off some steam while nurturing your creative side.

That is precisely why it’s important for you to find some time to sew often. If you know how, you can even squeeze in a session or two into your schedule every day. The best part is, you won’t have to sacrifice or neglect anything. Just follow these few tips and you’ll see for yourself how easy it actually is.

Create a small sewing oasis

Sewing is an activity that requires a fair amount of space. First and foremost, you need enough room for your sewing machine. Then you need some space to spread your fabrics so that you can measure them out and cut them. Lastly, you need a place where you’ll keep all of the tools and notions like scissors, needles, threads, bobbins, labels, and so on. Preparing all of this and then putting it back where it belongs consumes a lot of time.

Instead of wasting that time on preparations and cleaning up, you can use it for sewing. All you have to do is to dedicate a place in your home to sewing. If you have an entire room available, great. If not, a few square feet and a table will do the trick as well. For example, if you are a dressmaker, you’ll have a sewing machine for clothes as well as plenty of fabrics and notions. Organize your stuff and set them up so that they are ready to go at any time. Then when you catch a break and can spare some fifteen minutes during the day, start sewing without delay. And when you have to stop, don’t put your stuff away. Leave it be as it is so that you can resume your work next time you find some free time during the day.

Organize your stuff

This goes for your tools, the materials you use as well as your sewing books and magazines. When you decide what your next project will be, grab a box and write the name of that project on it. Fill it up only with the things you need in order to complete your creation, and leave it our so that you can easily find and use it.

If you want to take this concept a step further, you’ll save up even more time, which means you’ll be able to prolong your sewing sessions. When you start packing the project box, think about splitting the whole work into smaller chunks. Use smaller boxes for each part of the project. As you complete those parts one by one, you’ll have a clear overview of your progress, which will greatly improve your efficiency by boosting your self-confidence.

Remove distractions

Constant interruptions can really reduce your efficiency, forcing you to waste a lot of time on trivial things. To avoid this, just become unavailable. Before you start sewing, turn off your phone, disconnect the WiFi, lock the doors and roll down the blinds. Whatever your friends or family wants, they can wait for twenty minutes until you finish your session. If you answer your phone, send texts or open your door for salesmen, those twenty minutes of sewing will become three effective minutes and you don’t want that.

Alarms are your friends

Set alarms on your phone in order to avoid constant glancing on the clock or dreading whether or not you’re late to pick up the kids. When you wake up, write down all your chores and responsibilities, and set alarms for each one of them. This way you can plan your day while you’re calm and composed, which will allow you to come up with the most productive schedule. Of course, a well-planned schedule will guarantee some free time for you to use on sewing.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading the article. Now you should be able to enjoy your favorite hobby much more often than before. Have fun sewing!

3 thoughts on “How to Find More Time to Sew”

  1. After watching ur video step for step a 2nd time on how to thread the Lidl lock machine I managed it andI locked as much as I cud.
    Look forward to watching ur videos and using my machine over and over again

  2. You are so right about the health benefits of sewing. I had a brain hemorrhage nearly 4 years ago and it left me with a few problems regarding memory, concentration and understanding (among other things!) and sewing helped me so much. I have sewn forever but I couldn’t remember how to do certain things and couldn’t understand them on YouTube so it was trial and error. Sewing was my therapy. I have been through other problems and still do have some areas that are not so good but I still sew albeit slower than I used to and not as neatly . I couldn’t survive without it.

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