Refashioners 2020 – well almost

Well 2020 has been a little different and way back here I promised I would blog more! A lot has happened since my last post and what strange times we are living in! My passion for sewing must continue so I thought it time I attacked the keyboard and let you know what I have been doing. Early this year, way before Covid19, I was contacted by the lovely Portia Lawrie of the Makery and asked if I wanted to take part in the Refashioners 2020. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. The Refashioners was started by Portia many years ago as an Instagram challenge. After a simple brief you refashion old clothes/fabric into something else: A good reuse and recycle theme.


Well this year was no different (although it turned out a whole lot different as you will read later), the brief was to make something with items you could find in your house. Simple! After a quick rummage I found 2 single curtains and a long table runner/cloth. The burgundy curtain is velvet and the green a satin; as soon as I put them together I knew what I was going to make.


So what would I make?

A nice simple summer blazer! The burgundy and green works so well together I knew it would work. Being a summer jacket I decided on half lining to keep things cool. This also meant I could finish the raw seams using one of my favourite techniques: the Hong Kong finish. This technique is less bulky than a fully bound seam. The bias tape is attached (right sides together) to the seam raw edge. A narrow seam is sewn and the bias turned to the back. Then stitch-in-the-ditch to secure.


Just take your time and think of the order in which you finish the seams. Seams can be done before assembly but some are best left until the end. The fronts are canvassed but as it is half lined, the canvas is only over the chest area.

The front lining shaped nicely to cover the canvas.


Lapels were pad stitched as normal.


A simple welt pocket on the chest.


Of course, no blazer is complete without lined patch pockets.


It all came together quite quickly. The shoulders were left ‘soft’ so no shoulder pads, similar to the Neapolitan jacket I made years ago.

I finished it off with some gold buttons, for that real retro blazer feel.

So here is the finished blazer.




Refashioners Not to shabby from a pair of curtains!

So what happened next?

Sadly things didn’t turn out as planned. I was due to reveal my make but the terrible events that took place in the USA and the death of George Floyd meant it was not the right time. Instagram, as many other social media platforms had more important issue so the Refashioners 2020 was, quite rightly, abandoned.

Portia, however, has been busy and created the Change Maker pin badge. A percentage of all profits are donated, monthly, to a nominated charity. If you would like one head over to Samantha Claridge Studio.

Making is Powerful

Things have certainly changed in 2020 and the World has become a different place. I am hopeful that a new normal will be found and we will all continue to craft and make beautiful things.


Making is Powerful.

Until next time, stay safe, look after each other and happy sewing!






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  1. Beautiful as always. Nice to hear some nice news for a change. Keep sewing and posting please. Good luck with all you do. X

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