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Hi everyone and I hope you are keeping well? I know things are still a bit crazy with COVID-19, especially here in the UK but I thought I would post about a new product from the Change Maker Initiative. A few posts back I told you about the wonderful work Portia Lawrie from in collaboration with Samantha Claridge of and the Change Maker pin badges. Well now there is a new product…. Change Maker Labels!

Here is the full press release:


When we talk about the exploitation & poor conditions of garment workers (our fellow makers); we tend to think of it as a “somewhere else” problem. An issue confined to foreign shores that we are somehow disconnected from by vast oceans & can observe with compassion; even act to change; but not feel innately responsible for. Either because it’s not happening under our government; or because as makers we often remove ourselves from the fast fashion machinery that feeds on the exploitation of others.

This illusion that modern slavery is a “somewhere else” problem was shattered recently by the realisation that these practices were happening right here in the UK.
The much publicised (but by no means isolated) case of garment workers in factories across Leicester; (who are being denied £2.1 million in unpaid wages per WEEK according to a recent intervention by the British Retail Consortium) exploded the myth that modern slavery is a “somewhere else” problem. It’s right here on our doorstep.

That’s why we’re choosing to send the next round of Change Maker profits to @LabourBehindtheLabel; to support the work they are doing to build solidarity with garment workers worldwide; and push governments and brands to end this exploitation of Makers.

To support this aim, we’re launching a new product to. Sammy and I have produced a set of sew in labels. Woven in Oeketex certified cotton & available in 3 different orientations (top, bottom & side fold) with a huge range of applications for all manner of makes including garments, quilts, bags and more.

So now if Makers want to use their makes to make a statement of solidarity with our fellow Makers, whilst also making a contribution to the change that’s so sorely needed; they can head over to @samanthaclaridgestudio & grab a pack or two. All profits for October and November will be donated to @labourbehindthelabel.

We’re asking customers to tag us in their makes using #ChangeMakerUK #labourbehindthelabel

For more information and images, please contact:
Portia Lawrie – – @portialawrie

Samantha Claridge – – @samanthaclaridgestudio

So another amazing initiative and I hope you will all support Portia? If you want to buy yours head to

Right off to film the next parts of my tailoring videos. If you missed any, click for part 1 and part 2.

Until next time…..Stay safe and happy sewing!

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