Learn to Tailor with me – Part 3 – Drafting the Jacket block

So here we have part 3 (following on from part 1 and part 2) of my free online tailoring course. Sorry for the delay but filming wasn’t easy! Here you will draft the Jacket block. It is a long video! I’m sorry but I want you to be able to follow along easily.

I hope you enjoy.


Until next time….Happy Drafting!

6 thoughts on “Learn to Tailor with me – Part 3 – Drafting the Jacket block”

  1. Thanks for taking the trouble and producing a great and very helpful video, appreciate it very much and looking forward to the next one.

  2. Thank you for that. It’s interesting to see different Drafting Methods in practice and the way in which they take what are essentially the same key body measurements (Cross Back; Shoulder Length; Scye Depth; Chest size etc) but then manipulate them in different ways to produce what are usually rather similar basic blocks.
    What they all seem to have in common is “magic numbers”: values that one has to add onto or subtract from the results of formulae involving the key body measurement but which seem just to be plucked out of nowhere. That used to frustrate me because I like to know why I am doing something and what the effect might be if I were to do something different (e.g. when one adds a cm or so to the shoulder length on the back one knows that this is to produce ease and to assist shaping of the shoulder seam). These days I bite my tongue and just follow the instructions but it still rankles. 🙂

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