The Fox, the Bear & the Bunny by Olive and Vince. Pattern book review.

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This is an exciting post for me. Not only am I reviewing a sewing pattern book written by someone local to me but I am reviewing something a little bit special. “Children thrive on play, so why shouldn’t their clothes reflect this?” Disclaimer: I have no connection to the publisher or authors but was kindly […]

The true cost of clothing and what I am doing about it.

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A man walks into a charity shop, has a look around, then heads to the cashier with a handful of long skirts……OK I know it sounds like the start of a joke but that man was me and after a few awkward moments, as the cashier eyed me up and down, I explained what I […]

Book Review. Make it, Own it, Love it by Matt Chapple

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I am really excited to be reviewing the new book Make it, Own it, Love it by Matt Chapple (published by Jacqui Small). The book is released this Thursday 20th October for £20 (Buy it here) and I have been lucky to get an exclusive look. Equally exciting: I have 2 copies up for grabs […]

Colette Albion Duffle Coat Review- Winter is coming!

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Have you ever sewn something that you really enjoyed? What I mean is, have you made something from start to finish and enjoyed every bit: No tricky bits, no mistakes, no difficult instructions…..A bit like a really good book; it draws you in, keeps you reading then you don’t want it to end.  Well that […]

Latest Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post – First Wedding Outfit

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Well it has been a little while, due to many things happening but I can reveal my latest Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post. My first Wedding Outfit.

The ‘Guild’ Jacket reveal

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So following on from my last post on ‘workwear’ fashion I have been busy designing and making. So here I present to you my first iteration of the ‘Guild’ jacket. Based around the French Chore Jacket, or Bleu de Travail, I drafted this pattern to be a little more tailored whilst retaining the traditional look. […]

Workwear fashion?

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As an keen sewer I am constantly thinking about clothes and in particular menswear. The problem is that us men have a really limited range of clothing: I suppose what I mean is that a lot of mens clothing is boring. I know you can make clothes in different ways and use different material but […]