How to start Sewing – book review

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A while back I posted about sewing books and in particular some of the hidden gems you can find. One book I mentioned was “How to Start Sewing” by Assembil Books. I always promised to do a review…but never quite got round to it. Well the time has come but for another reason! NOTE: I […]

New year

A new year and time for more sewing fun.

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Happy New Year to all my readers! So here we are, starting the new year and a new decade. I thought I would start the year as I mean to go on and actually write a blog post! Last year my posts were seriously lacking but I told you why in this post. Blogging and […]


AWOL? No too busy to Blog plus other things…

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So it has been 7 months since my last post!!! Yes, for 7 months I have been AWOL and I can only apologise. As you know this blog was started, really for my own benefit: I never expected it to get so much attention. Well it did and I have been really enjoying it but […]

New PDF Pattern – The Clovelly Cap

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So 2019 has arrived (far too quickly) and I have been putting things off for far too long: I have been working on producing various sewing patterns for the last year or so but 2019 is the year I finally pull my finger out and get things sorted! Today I can finally announce pattern number […]

Ernest Wright

A Cut Above – The ‘New’ Ernest Wright

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Ernest Wright have been making scissors in Sheffield since 1902 and have gone through many ups and downs. After 112 years they were close to closure but a short film called ‘The Putter’ by Shaun Bloodworth helped the company gain a worldwide following again and surge in orders.   Indeed, back at the end of […]

Finally…Menswear sewing is getting noticed!

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Firstly Happy New Year to you all! Yes I know my posting has been slow of late but Christmas and New Year is always a busy time. I had planned to post about my makes from 2018 and end of year review, my plans for 2019 and a few other things but I didn’t. Sorry […]


Handworked Milanese Buttonholes

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So in my last post I introduced you to handworked buttonholes. I promised I would show you the Milanese version so here it is. The Milanese is more decorative, usually applied to the lapel and whilst the general technique is the same, there are a few differences in construction. What makes the Milanese stand out, […]


Handworked Buttonhole Tutorial

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The buttonhole: A simple, practical piece of thread engineering that stops our clothes from falling off (or bits of us escaping)! You will, when sewing, come across the need to make them. Lots of garments rely on buttons and the associated hole. Now most sewing machines have the capabilities of making buttonholes for you, which […]