Moon 120 Thread – William Gee Product Review

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If you sew, you will almost certainly have heard of William Gee haberdashery; well certainly if you are in the UK. The family run business in London has been trading since 1906 and is certainly one of the biggest haberdasheries in the UK. With over 9000 products in stock, you are sure to find the […]

Mid year review – Yes I’m back!

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OK, no apologies but its half way through 2018 (where has the time gone?) and once again my lack of blogging has been noticeable. I thought I would post a little mid year review, just so you don’t think I have abandoned you all. The trouble is finding time to blog as often as I […]


Insides Out – Competition time

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Wow! It has been amazing seeing and reading all of my guest bloggers who have contributed to my ‘Insides Out’ feature. I am sure it has inspired you to try different techniques when finishing the insides of your garments? It has inspired me. We had Di showing us the tricky techniques she used on her […]

Insides Out From A (relative) Newbie

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It’s so exciting to be writing a post for Jamie’s blog Male Devon Sewing! I’ve known Jamie for a while – he’s a family friend and made my sister-in-law’s wedding dress. THE dress that was mentioned in his ‘where are they now’ at the end of his series of Great British Sewing Bee. Now that’s what […]

My Insides out!

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Hi I’m Nicky from Sewandsnip. I’ve really enjoyed reading the contributions so far to Jamie’s idea of Insides Out and am pleased to be able to take part too. I’ve always felt that a neat inside makes me feel like I’m wearing something that I’ve taken care over producing. With limited sewing time my normal […]

Lining Up!

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When I started sewing, back in the late 1970s [ouch] I only knew one way to finish seams, and that was zig-zagging.  So that’s what I did, for many, many years, as I couldn’t afford an overlocker, until just 6 years ago.  I made a  very small number of lined garments in those years, in […]

The inside needs to be pretty

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Hi everyone, I am Simona and you’ll find me blogging at  Sewing Adventures in the Attick (yes, my sewing room is actually in the attic, well a nicely converted one). On my blog, I mostly ‘rant’ about the garments I make. I am really pleased to share with you my thoughts about the insides of my handmade […]

Ins and outs of a dress shirt

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I have been sewing for nearly two years now. It all started with the blinds in my study breaking:  I thought it would be interesting to make some curtains, and one thing led to another. Looking back, I was also encouraged by watching the Great British Sewing Bee – and seeing one or two men […]