A busy few weeks

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Well in my last post I discussed how I am now a stay at home dad…..well I’ve managed the first full week! Yes it has been hard there is no denying but I’ve loved it. I’m not going to be boring and tell you what I did but needless to say it involved plenty of […]

This is the end……….

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Yep this is the end…..Last Friday was my last day at work; I am no longer a teacher but officially a stay-at-home-Dad or House-Husband if you prefer! Lu, my wife, is returning to work after her 9 months maternity leave and we have decided that I will take over duties at home and look after our son […]

Vintage Jacket finished….. The reveal.

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So a while back I started a vintage jacket make from the late 50’s from a pattern I picked up on eBay. Vogue 9445, size 40. Read part 1 here and part 2. Today I finished it and am very happy. I chose a nice black pin corduroy, silver lining for the body and red lining […]