Half-way through another year…Where does the time go?

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I can’t believe that it is already the 1st of July. Thats half of 2016 gone already and what a crazy six months it has been. (No I’m not talking about Brexit or any other politics related stuff here, just sewing!) I wrote a similar post this time last year here and wow how things […]

I'm back!

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So I really do have an excuse for the delay in giving you a blog post…..I guess most people by now have heard that I have been a contestant in this years Great British Sewing Bee which started airing a few weeks ago on BBC2. So that is one reason my blog posts have been […]

My #Blazerof2016 is finished!

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Well there is one thing being so caught up with different sewing projects; not Blogging regularly! It only seems a day or two ago that I wrote my last post but it wasn’t: Sorry. I hope you are all still moving ahead nicely with your Blazer makes? Don’t worry if you’ve not yet started as there is […]

#Blazerof2016 shoulder pads and sleeve head

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Sorry for the delay in posting followers but I have been really busy! So here we go and the final touches to the sleeve head and shoulders for my #Blazerof2016 challenge…… So in the last post I had set in the sleeves and was ready for the shoulder pads.  Now of course you don’t need […]

Sleeve setting time in the #Blazerof2016 challenge

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Hello again readers, so time for an update on the #Blazerof2016 make. In the last post I had finished the lapels and collar ready for the sleeves. The sleeves are a two part sleeve, with upper and under sleeve and have non opening cuffs. There are buttonholes and buttons for show! So cut your pieces and […]

#Blazerof2016 Collar and Lapels

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If you have followed me this far with the #Blazerof2016 challenge you will know how things stand…If not look here (for the challenge), here (for part 1 of the make) and here (for the last update!) Last time the jacket was ready for the facings, upper-collar and lapels so here we go…. You should have […]

#Blazerof2016 update and other ramblings

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Hello my loyal followers. In my last post I introduced you to the #Blazerof2016 challenge. Well I am pleased to see so many people taking up the challenge and having a go at sewing some menswear. If you haven’t yet plucked up courage to take part you still have plenty of time. Details are here. […]

Sew Menswear #Blazerof2016 Challenge!

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So this blog post is a little different than my normal and rather than showing you what I have made recently, it will hopefully inspire you to take on a sewing challenge!  You must have noticed my opening image? Let me explain. A few weeks back I asked my Twitter followers what I should make […]