A slight wedding pause….

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I must apologise…I should be posting the continuation to my linen jacket tutorial I started. I had to put that on hold for a while as I have been making more shirts…Yes thats right, more shirts! OK, I confess the shirts aren’t for me but a friend who is getting married next week. He wanted a […]

Mens shirt complete sew-along tutorial in 20 steps!

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If you have followed my blogging so far this year you will know I love making shirts. I am constantly complimented on the shirts I make and really do enjoy the process. People keep saying “it must be difficult”, “Ive tried before but it didn’t work”, “how did you do that” etc. So I thought […]

Floral shirt complete! On to something vintage…..

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Although the last few weeks have been busy after the birth of my son I have managed to grab a little time in the sewing room to finish another shirt using the Burda pattern 7045 and a nice floral print poplin I mentioned in my last post. I didn’t alter the pattern in any way […]