Ernest Wright

A Cut Above – The ‘New’ Ernest Wright

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Ernest Wright have been making scissors in Sheffield since 1902 and have gone through many ups and downs. After 112 years they were close to closure but a short film called ‘The Putter’ by Shaun Bloodworth helped the company gain a worldwide following again and surge in orders.   Indeed, back at the end of […]


Lets talk about Tracing Paper

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There comes a time in everyones sewing adventures when things get a little more complex, usually starting with the patterns you are using. As you become more proficient at sewing you will experiment more and probably one of the first things you will do is alter a commercial pattern. This might mean a simple size […]

fabric bundle

Fabric bundles from Interior Goods Direct

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Someone famously once said, “You can never have enough fabric!’ (well I expect they did) and indeed this is true. If you sew, quilt or craft then fabric is a much needed requirement. We know that fabric isn’t cheap and no-one likes to waste it and having to buy more than you need for a […]

The Fox, the Bear & the Bunny by Olive and Vince. Pattern book review.

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This is an exciting post for me. Not only am I reviewing a sewing pattern book written by someone local to me but I am reviewing something a little bit special. “Children thrive on play, so why shouldn’t their clothes reflect this?” Disclaimer: I have no connection to the publisher or authors but was kindly […]

Book Review. Make it, Own it, Love it by Matt Chapple

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I am really excited to be reviewing the new book Make it, Own it, Love it by Matt Chapple (published by Jacqui Small). The book is released this Thursday 20th October for £20 (Buy it here) and I have been lucky to get an exclusive look. Equally exciting: I have 2 copies up for grabs […]

Ernest Wright and Son 8″ Dressmakers Scissors review

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So over the last 40 years of sewing I have used a lot of scissors: From the cheap ones to the more expensive ones. Many have become ‘less than scissors’ and many have broken or got lost. Well I want to share a secret! I have found the scissors every dressmaker/tailor/seamstress or home sewist needs: […]